Week #10 – Let’s Say Goodbye


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    This is our last week for the blogging challenge and over the time I have had eleven blog posts all of which have been for the challenge just because I was doing three sports at once and it was really hard to find time to do extra blogs. Over the course of the challenge I received nine total comments my post’s about stories always received the most comments on them which I thought was pretty cool, also my poetry posts got a few comments as well. I think the post’s I most enjoyed writing were my In The Jungle post because I really enjoy doing research on topics that I normally wouldn’t get to do. And my second favorite post was Let’s Travel because I have been to tons of different places and seen lots of different things and it was cool to share that.

I changed my theme twice because I wanted to try other ones that I saw people using that looked cool. I have seven widgets, I don’t think it’s to much I actually think that I could add a couple more. I could have a couple more and it wouldn’t be to crazy. I do not have any overseas people on my blogroll because I thought it would be good to just have friends on my blogroll so it was quick and easy when I wanted to see their blogroll. I used Compfight   and Youtube  for my online additions to my blog.  Over the course of the spring and the fall challenge I grew in many different areas and aspects in school and writing. I have learned how to keep up on my assignments better and I have learned to enjoy writing and its many different aspects!

      So for the last part of the challenge I asked my brother to answer the questions. His first impression of my blog was he liked how I had pictures in all my posts and the badges for the challenge. He said what captured his attention was my purple background and he said he liked it because it wasn’t to crazy or distracting. He said if he had to say anything distracted him it would be the baby because he didn’t get why it was there. And lastly he said his only suggestion would be to add more pictures and videos to my posts. Thanks baby bro I’ll be sure to improve these things next time around.

Poem #2 – Letter Poem


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Dear Mom,

Thank you for all that you do for me

I know I’m a pain in your butt sometimes

And it may seem I don’t appreciate you

But I do

I wouldn’t be where I am today without you

And when you old and need someone to take care of you

I’ll be by your side every step of the way.


Your favorite child, Trinity 🙂

Week #9 – In The Jungle



In the jungle their are many different animals but only one of them is the king of the jungle, and that would be the lion. Lion’s can get very big such as some of the african lions have gotten up to 4.5 to 6.5 feet tall from head to paws. They can weigh up to 300 to 500 pounds. The male lions have mane’s around their neck to protect against battle over land and to impress female lions. After lions eat large animals such as zebras and other wild animals they are known to then go any eat smaller animals such as a buffalo.

Lion’s can live up to be 10 to 14 years old for a total good life span. The lion population has been shockingly reduced by half their population since the 1950’s. Today fewer than 21,000 lion’s remain in Africa. Lion’s go in small packs or “prides”. They tend to be in packs of 10-15, their are 2-3 males and the rest are females.

Lions are known as the “king of the jungle” but they will no longer be the king if people keep killing them off. In this article that over 200,000 lions have died since 1950. Here is a link on ways we can prevent the loss of lions. 

And here’s a link to a super cool song that goes with the title of my post. Link to Song


Trinity 🙂


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Poem #1- Laughter


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What a wonderful thing laughter is.

With all it’s little chuckles and squeaks.

So many different forms of laughter, loud, quiet, soft, and sweet.

The painful yet comforting hiccups that follow after a deep scene of laughter.

This is definitely a way of life everyone should try.

Week #8- Let’s Travel


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    Over the time period in my life I have been to an abundant amount of places! Oregon (where I live), California, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, and Montana. Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do. This next February in 2016 my dads side of the family and I are going to Mexico. I’m super excited to go to Mexico because I have never been out of the US and so I’m excited to get a passport and experience lots of different things! One place I would like to visit sometime soon is New York.

    I would like to visit New York because it has tons of tourist attractions such as The Statue Of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, and Broadway Shows. One thing I would also like to do if I visited New York is ride in a taxi, I have ridden in a few taxis before when I was in California but I think it’s a whole different experience riding in one in New York because it’s definitely more busy in New York than California.

   While I’m in Mexico this next February I definitely want to try lots and lots of food because besides Pizza Rolls, Mexican food is my favorite. Some of my favorite Mexican food is burritos, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, and taco salad, but while I’m there I hope to try many more kinds of Mexican food and hope to learn a little more about their culture.

Week #7- Lets Play A Game


   The first persons blog I went to was Heidi’s.  I really liked her blog and how the colors made it pop. From Heidi’s blog I went to Isabel’s blog.  My favorite thing about Isabel’s blog is her background because it’s very bright and eye catching. After Isabel’s blog I went to Marcy’s blog. I really enjoyed Marcy’s blog because she had lots of funny posts and I could really tell she has a funny personality through her posts.

  For the next persons blog I went to was Savannah’s. I really liked Savannah’s because she has such bright colors and a very creative blog that I haven’t seen before! From Savannah’s blog I went to Braeden’s blog and the thing I most enjoyed about his blog was how much time and thought he put in his posts. From Braeden’s blog I went to Jazzy’s blog and I really enjoyed Jazzy’s blog because her posts were pretty long and well detailed.

   And for my last “Count Out Three” I started in Jayna’s and I really liked Jayna’s blog because right when you go into her blog you can already see a lot of her personality. From Jayna’s blog I went to Gwen’s blog and I really liked her blog because the colors were very bright and eye catching. And lastly from Gwen’s blog I went to a blog that Jayna has started thats called NMB (no more bullying) and I really liked this one because they put time and a lot of hard work in making that blog and starting a club at our school!


Trinity 🙂

Week #6-Activity 1

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For week three I decided to do activity one because I am interested in when and where some board games were made. So I decided to choose a childhood favorite, MONOPOLY!! I have enjoyed playing Monopoly since I was as young as I can remember.

After some research I figured out that monopoly can be traced back all the way to the 20th sentry, the oldest founder of the game is Elizabeth Magie. The next people to change the game a little were The Parker Brothers. Its said they bought the game of Elizabeth Magie in 1933.

Well I hoped you enjoyed learning some new things about a very fun bored game! And if you haven’t played Monopoly yet then you definitely should try it!


Trinity 🙂

Week #6 – Ocean Breeze


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As I stand there with my toes in the sand,

It feels as though all the worries and problems in the world are drifting away.

The color in the sky is like an artist with their canvas,

starting off blank then suddenly a storm of color burst’s through.

The cool breeze of the ocean, taking all my problems away.

As I sit there and watch the sky I feel as though I’m able to fly,

And leave this wonderful yet dreadful world.

Week #5- Favourites



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   This weeks post is about favorites, and I have a lot of things I enjoy doing, but one of my favorite things to do is basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport out of the three I play, but you guys know that if you read my About Me  page. So I am now on a travel team for basketball and I love it, but sadly we just finished winter season and I am going to be doing soccer so I wont be able to play spring basketball.

I have been playing basketball since the third grade, at first I didn’t like it because I sucked ( I mean everyone tends to when they are starting something new ) but then I had a really amazing coach who really taught me the fundamentals of the game, and saw potential in me. One of my favorite memories from basketball is when we went on a road trip kinda because we had games 3 hours away so we all bonded a lot and we were in Lincoln City Oregon so there was a beach and we all just really enjoyed it and had a great time. Click here more information on Lincoln City.

So my next season in fourth grade I really grew the passion and love for the game of basketball. And I have stuck to it and now I’m in seventh grade and am on a travel basketball team, well our season just ended but we took first in the beginning, third in mid-season, and got second to finish our season off.

 ~Trinity 🙂